Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Children's Museum

Oh Sunday, July 2nd we made another trip to the new Children's Museum. Our last trip it was pretty busy, so we were hoping for a slower day. Kyle was with us too so that made it easier. The kids love the Scrambler play place:

And since it was slower they got lots of turns on the big slide!


There was a Sprouts area, for 3 and under which we didn't go to last time. But this time Kyle took Isaac into the laser activity while I took the girls to this play area. They are almost too big for it and we didn't spend much time there, but they had fun with a quick explore.
 Another area we didn't hit last time: land of noodles

Then their second favorite area is the world area with the mail room and fire truck and grocery shop. Spent a lot of time here.

We finished our St. Paul trip with lunch at Cossetta's :-) 

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