Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Water Filter

The more we educate ourselves on things, the more I learn about the impact of what we're putting in our bodies and what it actually does. I'm reading a new book, off and on, called Superlife and it's been a great read. I recently read the hydration chapter and decided to look into our water supply. Minneapolis water is taken from the Mississippi river and they actually have a really good filtration system, over 80 billion dollars worth. But the scary thing is that it still contains a LOT of stuff... chlorine, ammonia, organic & disinfectant contaminants, radionuclide contaminants, and many other cancer causing elements that are over the health limit (but under the legal limit) or sitting right at the health limits. Scary stuff, especially when it's our sole source of water and we drink A LOT of it! So we looked into reverse osmosis and to our surprise it wasn't really that expensive, nor difficult to install. Super easy DIY. My friend shared a 4th of July deal so we got it ordered and hoped to install it before the baby arrived... haha well the baby arrived Friday and the system arrived Monday. I was bound to the upstairs per my midwife's postpartum rest requirements, so Friday when we left the house for Thomas's first appointment/outing I stayed downstairs when we got home (limited to one set of stairs a day during the second week, and one brief outing) and we got it all set up. We had a sitter watching the big kids so she stuck around a little longer so we could get this done. 

It's typically installed under your kitchen sink and has it's own little faucet. We didn't want to clear out our trash and compost bins from under our sink so we installed it right below in our unfinished basement. Super easy, just needed a little extra tubing. We made by with the extra tubing in the ice maker set up kit, but needed to run to Home Depot for a little longer for the drain and a connector piece for the back of the fridge. 

Here's our set up below:

We were worried that having the tank a floor lower than the faucet would cause low pressure, but it actually doesn't effect it at all. We toyed with the idea of making a shelf closer to the ceiling but that can wait for another time. It also nice it's in the basement because other wise the water wouldn't be very cold, but it's being stored in a cold basement so cheers to cold water. :-)

We're pretty excited to have it in and start drinking from it. I can't really tell a difference in taste, but Kyle was able to the first day. He drinks RO water at work, I'm just happy I'm offering my family a safe substance for their bodies, we drink a lot of water in this house :-)

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