Sunday, July 16, 2017

End of Belly Pics

Figured I should do an update. When I blogged the last update  I thought I'd have at least 5 more weeks maybe even 7 or 8 to include in the final but turns out I only have 2.5 weeks to share.

36 weeks, baby is the size of a spaghetti squash:

36 weeks was also the mark of home delivery! We had our home visit at this time and if the baby had come before 36 weeks we'd have to transfer to a hospital. It was pretty exciting to have her come to our home. It was Kate, my midwife, Jess, my doula, and Elizabeth the midwife's assistant. They got to see the space, make sure we had all our supplies gathered, she sized the bathroom faucet and left the hose adapter which would be used to fill the birth tub. And then it was like all the other visits where we got to hear the baby. The girls are very familiar with this part and love to turn the machine on and off. (one turns it on and one turns it off)

 37 weeks, the baby is the size of romaine lettuce...? Okay whatever.

That was the last Saturday picture I got because baby came the following Friday. But here is a pic from Thursday evening out to dinner: (37w5d)

Oh this is actually my last 'baby in belly' pic, taken Friday July 7th roughly 4:00pm. Light contractions had started, we just ate lunch and were getting ready to go for a walk to get the contractions going more and I found my P90x3 shirt had arrived in the mail! 

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