Monday, July 24, 2017

Isaac riding bike

Our goal this summer was to get Isaac riding on two wheels. It's been quite difficult with the girls because it requires us both being around and making the time to get it done. Well it was one of those things we wanted to get done before baby then turned into, before Kyle returns to work. So last night, a mere 12 hours left to hit one of our goals, Kyle took him back out to try and learn. We had bought Isaac a new bigger bike at the beginning of summer, and there were a few attempts to teach him but they were not successful. We noticed he couldn't touch very well and I suggested we take the training wheels off his smaller bike and see if that wasn't an easier one to learn on then we'd move up to the bigger one. So sure enough last night the other training wheels came off and he did much better. The other key was getting him off the sidewalk. He was too distracted by the narrow driving field that he would get distracted by a rock wall, tree stump, or bush. Once Kyle moved him out into the road he immediately picked it up. And tonight when we went out he was able to take off on his own AND moved onto the sidewalk by the end.

Here are two videos from tonight (I didn't get any last night)

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