Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Children's Museum

The Minnesota Children's Museum finally reopened after their remodel and we made a trip last Thursday. It was a rainy day and EVERYONE had the idea to go, it was pretty packed, but fun. We picked up lunch after my chiropractor visit and arrived a little after noon. We stayed until about 2 or 3.

This room was full of stickers and had stacks of stickers for the kids to place where they wanted to.

The scramble was a big play structure with two big four story climbing towers and a big slide. The girls didn't wait in line for the slide but Isaac did, it was fast. 

This was a little 'skate park' will be fun to do again without the crowd.

This exhibit and the car wash were ones we'd seen before, it was open before the shut down for remodel.

We spent the most time over in the 'little world' area, mail room... not sure it's exact name but it had these cool mailboxes:

A post office set up and fire truck.

A little kitchen and grocery store.

A light rail mock up

It was similar to the work station they had before and Isaac was very happy the blocks were back.

A hardware store with a wall of lights, latches, doors, and tools.

And this bike which was in the old line up. Isaac hopped on and it was cute seeing Mary hop on behind him and grab a hold of his waist ready to go for a ride.

It was a fun visit and exhausted this mama out, but a good rainy day activity after a week of laying low. 

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