Saturday, June 24, 2017

Spring/Summer TBall

Back in April Isaac started WASAC T-Ball. Kyle signed up for assistant coach... but since no one signed up for coach - apparently everyone signs up for assistant not head, he was given head coach of a team. There were three teams total. Luckily many other dad's helped out as assistants as they knew signing up would land them responsibility, haha.

Anyway we ended the season last weekend so I thought I'd just do one post with some highlights from the season. It was twice a week, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, which is great to get our money's worth for the season HAHA but wow it was a lot doing it twice a week.

The first session was the last Saturday in April and it was a practice with a team of boy scouts. It was a chilly one!
IMG_2675 IMG_2677


Video of Isaac hitting:

May 4th:

One Saturday Kyle rode his bike with the girls while Isaac and I drove and met them there.

Since there were only three teams, every third game we had practice at a separate field (not near the park).

Fielding at one of those practice nights:

May 25th - Isaac hitting a 'homerun' lol


The girls liked playing at the park near the field and sometimes watching



June 1st
There was one game Kyle had to miss due to working late, some other dad's filled in for coaching.


June 8th

One of the kids ended the season a few days early and I'm happy his mom got everyone together for a group photo.

I brought my real camera for the last game on June 17th. The kids got some park time in before the game.
tball June17-1

tball June17-2

tball June17-4

tball June17-5

tball June17-6

tball June17-8

tball June17-9

tball June17-14

Isaac prefers fielding to hitting, which is surprising, but good.
tball June17-16

He would draw lines/a box maybe in the dirt before hitting... ??
tball June17-20

tball June17-21

tball June17-25

tball June17-26

tball June17-27

tball June17-31

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