Sunday, June 4, 2017

Missouri Trip Family Time

The rest of our Missouri trip was spent visiting with family. It was nice to have a little vacation/attraction time thrown in and broke up the drive a little bit.

Monday morning we packed up and checked out of our AirBnB. We drove down to Kyle's mom's and stayed there for a couple nights. On the way to her place we stopped at Great Grandpa's. The kids got to explore the farm and climb in the tractors. They loved it and it was a beautiful day!

We headed on south to Grandma's house, where there was lots of bubble fun in the sun.

My mom came up and visited for lunch.

Grandpa Del also came over to visit.

Squirt gun fun.

Grandpa Les came up the next day for a visit. More outside time enjoying the warmth. May is the time to visit cuz it's not too hot (not yet). Last year we were down in June and it was WAY too hot!

Snuggles after nap.

It stormed during dinner on Tuesday night and we even got to see a very faint rainbow!!!

Wednesday morning we loaded up for the drive back. We got a pretty early start cuz the kids were all up and around at the crack of dawn. We lucked out on the way down with only 3 stops. Somehow nap-time timing was perfect in that. But on the way home the kids enjoyed some lemonade at lunch which I think effected the need to pee, We made many more pit stops.

We arrived in Minneapolis just around dinner time, picked up our fish Jagwhy from  a friends, dropped him and Harpo off at home and went and got dinner. We took dinner to a local park where there just happen to be a community even going on. It was so nice listening to live music and rubbing our toes in the sand at the playground. Summer has arrived!

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