Saturday, June 24, 2017

First Family Fishing Trip

We took the kids fishing today! It was a fun, hectic morning. We went to KMart first to pick up fishing licenses and poles for the kids. Kyle has been wanting to take Isaac fishing and they got the idea yesterday. With all things, it's a lot of work but you just have to do it, or it won't get done! We got the poles out and set up, loaded the wagon, and walked to the lake. Oh and I fixed a quick lunch since the day was getting away from us to have a picnic after we fished.

The kids had found tons of little frogs on their walk the night before while I was at work. And the frogs were still out, Isaac is holding one here.

The girls had fun pushing the reel button, letting their rubber fish drop and then reeling it in. We didn't mess with putting a lure on their poles, but they had fun none the less.

 Kyle taught Isaac how to cast and reel in with a real lure. They didn't catch anything but did get to see some other guys on the dock pull in some BIG fish. That was good for Isaac to see.

To give Kyle some time with Isaac on the dock the girls and I went to put up our hammock. It was tough finding a good spot as none of the trees were close enough together. But we eventually found a spot and they had fun swinging about.

We had our lunch then Kyle wanted to cast in a couple more times, but the kids weren't having it, lol. They kept getting in the way and tangling up their lines, it was rather humerus cuz well they're kids.

Once I could get the girls away from Isaac who was using a real hook and paid no attention to who was around as he whipped his pole around, things were a little better. Only two wads of line were wasted in a tangled mess. I call that good :-P

I had to head into work later that day but it was a beautiful morning. Ended up pouring on me as I drove in, which I wasn't expecting. The kids were napping good when I left. 

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