Thursday, December 22, 2016

New York City Mom Trip - Part 1 of 2

I'm going to attempt to squeeze my five day visit into two posts. So warning that they will be a little long and photo heavy. I didn't bring my nice camera, because well there are only so many photos of the same thing and I was trying to pack light.

Let me back up to preface this trip with an invite to my cousin's wedding. We had originally thought it'd be fun to go as a family, but as the summer progressed and trips popped up here and there it wasn't gonna happen. Then the idea of me going myself came up. I have never left the kids, well besides the two nights I was having the girls, was the only time I'd been away from Isaac. Not because I never wanted to leave them, but because I was never really given the opportunity until now. We see so many friends taking couples only trips, or long weekend getaways themselves.. must be nice. That is one luxury we were not blessed with, but so many other blessings. Makes those few nights out a year REALLY special ;-) Anyway so Kyle was really encouraging me to go, alone. Not because he wanted me to get away but because I NEEDED it! And boy did I ever. I was getting burnt out and short tempered more and more with the kids. And losing my sense of self all at the same time. Now I didn't find myself in five short days, but I did feel good to get away from the daily tasks of motherhood. When I landed tickets one insomniac night a few months ago for only $198 round-trip, that was my sign to do this thing!

I left on a Thursday evening, Kyle left work a little early and took me to the airport before heading to get Isaac from preschool. Traveling in the airport with no diaper bag, I wasn't wearing a baby, and I didn't have to check three car seats OR push a stroller. It was heaven!

It was an evening flight so as expected things took a little longer. The plane had to get de-iced.

Then we were off.

Pretty beautiful scenery seeing the sun setting in the west above the clouds.

It was a direct flight and we approached New York City. I can't really make out the island super well here but this was actually the best shot I got. I was taking photos with the two people sitting next to me's phones.

Pretty sure this is Staten Island

I arrived at JFK, boarded the AirTrain and headed to my cousins. Turns out I took the airtrain that takes you to the A train instead of the E train. So I ended up transferring to the F train in Brooklyn Heights and taking a nice long(er) jaunt through Manhattan. But I finally arrived on Roosevelt Island. I got a nice visit in with my cousin before another one of our cousins from Chicago arrived. Then my cousins kiddos made it home and we were up sort of late visiting.

The next morning came quickly and Katie and I walked to the deli to get bagels for the gang. She currently lives in Italy with her boyfriend, who was also back visiting for the wedding. He doesn't speak much English so I thought it was pretty cool I was getting served espresso by a REAL Italian :-P I know I'm a dork.

View from my cousin Patty's:

Friday was my day to explore the city. It had been a LONG time since I could walk the streets of New York independently. Last time I was visiting I was ubber pregnant with the twins and it hurt to walk a ton, which made me so sad because that was is my favorite.

Decided to take the tram in as I was meeting a friend on the east side for lunch.

I have so many pictures from the tram over the years, but you just can't have enough. My favorite building: the Chrysler.

I made it to 80th and York and met up with my friend who was at her son's school. We had a nice lunch together and grabbed coffee before I hopped on the train for Brooklyn Heights.

Arrived in Brooklyn and was heading to the New York Transit Museum. We had bought a MN Science Museum membership prior to going to Chicago because you can use it to get into lots of places free and this was also one that was free with our Science Museum membership, such a great deal!!

It'd be easy to miss this museum if you weren't looking for it.

It was pretty cool and had a big section about the transit shut down around 9/11 and again in the blizzard of December 2010, which I found super ironic because Kyle and I were there for that and got to experience that chaos first hand. They had old and new turnstyles. And displays of old tokens.

Then downstairs was a full working subway (obviously not in use) with tons of old subway cars.

It was cool seeing the old styles and how they have evolved.

This was one from the time of the World's Fair. They were sad they had all these old cars to take people to this hip world fair, but they didn't have the money to replace them so they painted the cars instead. BMT stands for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit.

Leaving the transit museum I headed toward the Brooklyn Bridge, eventually making my way to the Staten Island ferry for the night. My cousin had her rehearsal dinner and I had a hotel room out there for the next two nights.

I had a nice walk down Cadman Plaza. It was cold but still felt great to be walking

Made it to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked this bridge on our last visit with Isaac and my brother. It was probably almost as cold as that time but much more people out. So many selfie sticks and people taking videos.

I had my selfie stick too :-)

Made it to Manhattan and headed down Nassau St

Then ended up at Wall Street

They had a big tree out front

I dropped into a starbucks to charge my phone as I waited to board the ferry with my cousin, Anthony. I got a little facetime in with Isaac during that stop, and warmed up a bit.

Took the ferry with my cousin, we were running a little late for the dinner, but all was well.

See you in a few days Manhattan!

We hopped a car when we got across and it took us to the hotel. I checked in, changed, then met others downstairs and we all took a car to the restaurant together. Things seemed so spread out on Staten Island.

The dinner was lovely and was so great to see my cousins again!!! Here's me with the beautiful bride:

Busy day and I was glad to get some rest and spread out in a King bed. Lots of steps logged that day.
Unfortunately I was on the top floor and my room was right under the rooftop bar so I heard thumping and bass music most of the night. I called down to complain which they said "we'll ask them to turn it down"  yah right, it's a bar.. but I eventually fell asleep so no big deal. Then about 3:00 I was awoken to the people in my adjoining room having sex, SERIOUSLY?!? I'm away from my three little kids and all I want is a decent night sleep. The next morning I did talk with the front desk, they gave me a breakfast voucher and fulfilled my request to change rooms. I didn't really want to change rooms for the pain of moving all my stuff, but I just REALLY wanted a peaceful nights sleep. So I got bumped down to the 4th floor, fine with me.

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Lesa Herrmann said...

We almost went to the transit museum, but never got to it. Looked pretty cool, maybe we will get there next time! We took the tram to Roosevelt island as well. That was one of the few things we didn't do last time. Can wait to see part two.

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