Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Isaac's BirthDAY.

Saturday night I got the house decorated like I have in the past, but in the new house I had to figure out what to do. We did streamers on his door like usual. Then we put some more in the dining room and kitchen. And hung another birthday banner in the living room. 

We started the day off with breakfast and then going outside to play in the snow while we did a little shoveling. We didn't' have much snow but enough for the kids to play in and we took a walk around the block. We got back home and had hot chocolate and Isaac opened up a couple presents. 

He's really into the Magic TreeHouse series so we got him a stack of those (I had found at garage sales, the best way to get them... a quarter a piece.)

Video opening gift 1

Video opening gift 2

We went to Jimmy Johns for lunch, per Isaac's request. Then headed to St. Paul to visit the Science Museum. Since we are members now, from purchasing it before we went to Chicago, we get to see the Omnitheater for free. We saw 'A Beautiful Planet'. Everybody did great the whole time, only a little bored at the end.

We stopped and picked up a Chicago Style stuffed pizza and brought it home for dinner. And celebrated with some more left over cake.

Video of Emma eating cake:

After dinner Isaac opened up the remainder of this family presents and face-timed with grandmas and called grandpa. It was a good birthday.

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