Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Basement Organization & Christmas Lights

Somewhere around mid-November I got the garage cleaned out so that Kyle could park his car in there as well. It's a tuck under garage so there is literally no storage space IN the garage, which meant getting creative in the basement area, luckily we have lots of unfinished space to use as storage. It was perfect timing because it ended up being cleaned out days before the first snow came.  

It took another few weeks to get the holes made in the wall so we could hang two bikes, but it's done and it's great having them out of the way!

We also are learning as we go with what works where in the new house. Now that's it's winter we are strictly going in and out the basement which helps keep the winter gear clutter downstairs out of the way. We picked up a bench shoe rack from Ikea and I put some command hooks on the wall for the kids snow gear.

We got another set of shelves at the end of October to organize my photography stuff. This isn't exactly how it settled but you get the idea.

And here's the house all decorated for Christmas! You can't see our new tree in the front window cuz we just got it up last weekend.

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