Thursday, March 20, 2014

NYC Trip: Part two first day - Brooklyn Bridge walk

After we ate dinner (late lunch...) we walked the few blocks to the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge. This was my number one priority on our short list of 'sight-seeing adventures' during this visit. We knew with my condition of being very pregnant (with twins) and with Kyle attending a conference most of the time that we weren't really going to get to explore NYC like we would without those two given scenarios.

My main reason for wanting to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was because 1) I hadn't done it... funny how I lived in New York for a year and have visited three different times but still have a few 'big' things on my list of never done. This one and the Broadway show thing... yeah yeah someday. 2) I wanted to take a specific photo to replace a canvas I have on my wall. This photo vision would go opposite the one I got of Grand Central in 2010/2011 when we visited:

Approaching the bridge pedestrian walk entrance:
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-1

It was nice having Josh around because he was able to help out with the stroller.
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-2

View of Manhattan Bridge from standing on the Brooklyn Bridge:
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-4

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-6

Got some portrait photos on the bridge:
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-10

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-7

Isaac was asleep in no time, ended up sleeping the entire way across the bridge, luckily for him we have photos so he can remember this wonderful adventure :-)
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-11

We made it!
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-15

View of the Statue of Liberty:
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-18

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-25

It was a pretty cold day, luckily one of the nicest temperature days during our visit since it was the most time spent outside out of all our days there. But still not the greatest weather for walking outside all day. It was about 32-34 degrees at this time and was starting to get cooler as the sun went down. And here Kyle and I are, Minnesotans with Kyle in his light jacket and me in my coat but having to waddle very slowly with my brother and his girlfriend with California blood freezing their tooshes off. They decided to walk ahead of us to try and warm up so they ended up walking to the second pillar and back toward us, and of course we hadn't gotten very far.

Made it to the first 'pillar'
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-29

View of midtown:
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-33

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-34

Nice shot of the bridge and World Trade Center 1:
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-36

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-37

I don't have the exact photo I choose to get printed to share, but it is very similar to this one:
NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-41

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-47

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-51

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-53

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-54

NYC D1 brooklyn_bridge-56

Lots of photos of the same thing, but hey it's what I like to do. And I felt so accomplished to have made it given we weren't even sure a few months ago if I was going to get to go on this trip!

After this we hopped on a train up to Columbus Circle

and walked a short distance to our cousin Patty's place of work to say hello. Isaac was cold, poor guy. So we jumped at the opportunity to sneak into a store when we saw "free wine tasting" on the door. Isaac and I warmed up while my brother, his girlfriend, & Kyle enjoyed the free wine samples. Then we continued on to Patty's work,by this time my body was saying "enough with the walking already". We had a quick, nice visit with Patty then dropped into CVS to pick up some snacks and lotion for poor Isaac's chapped face.

Our plan was to walk the ten blocks back to our hotel... well I was hoping to. Ten blocks is usually nothing. But when you're 30 weeks pregnant with two babies and you've been walking all day it was enough to push me over the edge and I had a little meltdown. Mainly because the fact that I wasn't going to be able to explore NYC the way I used to or the way I'd want to and that I knew if I didn't take it easy then I'd be miserable the rest of the trip, which I didn't want either. So we hailed a cab for a measly 5-7 blocks or so. Luckily all our sight seeing was completed that first day, well the big things we had on our list to do Saturday and Sunday completed in one day at least. Leaving more time to take it easy on Sunday. I knew come Monday when Kyle had his conference that I could get lots of rest in so I didn't want to need it too bad on Sunday since that was the only other day to explore with Kyle.

Will blog on Day 2 soon.....

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