Sunday, October 2, 2016

Super Saturday

We had a much needed, spontaneous day yesterday. I woke up early and got out of the house by myself, phew. And headed to a Mom of Multiples sale about 30 minutes away. Got some clothes for the kids, a new mattress for Mary, some slippers, books, one toy, and soccer shin guards for Isaac.

By the time I was finished and heading back near Minneapolis, it was almost time for Isaac's Saturday soccer game. Kyle had already arrived early with the kids so they could play at the part before hand. I helped Isaac get on his new shin guards before he played and boy did it seem to give him a boost of confidence, he was running around super energetic, lol.

It was a gorgeous day and ended up feeling pretty hot. Started off chilly but the sun warmed us up fast.

Showing his pride in his shin guards by rolling up his pant legs. At one point he ran over and yelled "the ball hit my shins but it didn't hurt!!"

After the soccer game we had lunch at a great little place we'd been to before when my brother was visiting: Lotus, Vietnamese food. They have amazing Pho soup and as we learned this day from what the kids ordered their Sesame Chicken is out of this world!

The girls fell asleep in the van on the way home (not very far) so we decided to use this opportunity to hope back in the van and head to Afton State Park for an afternoon hike. We arrived and everyone had to try to potty. The girls have taken potty training upon themselves and are quiet fond of going in the potty (and the treat involved if they do so) Emma pretty much stays dry all day, Mary is catching on. I am not too keen on the whole process because with two it is just a LOT of work. Especially when one has pooped in their diaper and is trying to take it off all the while you are in the middle of cleaning up the other one. Fun, I tell you, real fun. But they refuse to wear their cloth diapers anymore and only want to wear their "pull-up diaper"

Last hike we went on wasn't that successful but that was a whole year ago. They were all pretty excited to walk this time. Emma wanted to be carried most of the way but the other two did great.

Miss Emma is notoriously pokey. So it was probably better that she wanted to be carried most of the time.

About halfway through we stopped for a snack and to enjoy nature. They like to pick the M&Ms out of their trail mix...

On our drive to Afton we went by this cute little farm with a pumpkin patch. Isaac called it a Fall Festival, but we said we'd stop on the way home.

It was the cutest little farm, they had a pumpkin patch with pumpkins currently growing on the vine. There were all sorts of festive things and you could pick your own pumpkin. We let the kids get a few littles and we picked out a bigger one together.

This wasn't a keeper but it makes for a cute photo :)

Isaac was all about the wagon, for our four pumpkins, lol.

Trying to get a photo of them all looking decent and at me at the same time is an ongoing battle.

But if I bribe them, they make it a little easier:

Of course by this time it was getting into dinner time so we ended up stopping just west of St. Paul near Dean and Grand for some Mexican Food. Loved this sign as we walked in:

The kids were of course crazy but they sat us at the end next to a mirror which seemed to entertain the kids quiet well. And we were next to a table full of women discussing the baby expo over margaritas so their noise helped cover up our chaos :-) 

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