Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tree Care

Our trees have needed some love for quite some time. Ever since we moved in I've been looking forward to this day. The kids have had this entertainment no to long ago when our former neighbor had her trees trimmed. We went with the same company. When we had them come out to give us a bid a month or so ago, we were surprised with the amount and excited that we would be able to fit it in our budget sooner than we thought we'd be able to do. It's not good to trim trees in the heat of summer so it worked out that they didn't have an opening in their schedule until October. They were suppose to arrive in the morning, but due to the rain last night he called and said they need to wait for the trees to dry a bit. I was so bummed that Isaac missed out on all the excitement, he had already left for preschool when they arrived. I had just got the girls down but they were not asleep yet so I let them get up and watch them. I mean we were paying for this once a decade (maybe, maybe once every five year) excitement I wanted SOMEONE besides myself to enjoy it. :-P

They started around back with the hackberry and the evergreens (I think they are arborvitaes.)

The girls loved watching him go "up, up"

Starting to thin out....

The trees have been separated!

Look we have grass! LOL just kidding.

Finishing touches

And clean up

Emma says "loooooud"

While these two guys cleaned up the back the other guy went around to start on the front. Two maples up there they were cleaning up.

This maple had so much little growth along the trunk we couldn't even see the road from the girls' room window.

And here are some before and afters.
It makes a HUGE different now that they are thinned out and taken care of so they can flourish and continue to grow big and strong. Our yard even gets more light and I can see our back neighbors house now! We can also see the front street from the girls room! They will love watching for walking dogs with the better view.

Not as big of a difference you can see with this one, but still cleaned up and the big dead trunk/limb is cut out.

All done, wow the back yard feels so much more open now!

They tied up these arb trees too. I didn't get a before picture of them but they look much better. They are right on the line of our neighbors but this estate house has been empty for a year or so, and since we are the ones seeing it we wanted to get those trees cleaned up as well while we had them there.

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Linda said...

Nice photos and your header is absolutely delightful! :)

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