Saturday, October 22, 2016

Grandpa's Visit

Grandpa Les came in for a visit this past week. It had been a couple years since he visited, the kids had fun and were very excited for his arrival.

We had to do a dress rehearsal of our costumes when Grandpa arrived on Tuesday evening.

We had fun picking up Isaac from preschool on Thursday and even went for a walk even though it was rather chilly, had to bundle up.

We walked to the library a couple blocks down from Isaac's school. They had fun playing and picking out MANY books. Return three get thirteen, that sounds about right, haha. We got a new little CD player the kids can use and have been exploring the world of books on CD, Isaac loves it and the girls are catching on pretty quickly too. Mom loves it too because they are getting read to while I can get house work done :-)

Wednesday night we got the girls to bed and Isaac and Grandpa stayed up to play a few games. Kyle and I went to meet with his teacher for parent-teacher conference night. We got a great report and the teacher was even surprised he new the shape 'pentagon' when doing his screening/evaluation worksheet.

Here is a little piece of artwork that goes with a poem that Isaac wrote.

It is not great 
By Isaac

It is not great
To be a shape.
It is much better
To be a color—
All the colors; orange
Red, green, blue, purple
And yellow.

Since we had free childcare for a bit and everyone was in bed, Kyle and I snuck into a nearby wine bar. It felt SOOO good to be in an adult place just the two of use and we even got to hear live music. Pretty amazing and a much needed break.

Thursday we made our way to Mall of America to see the new George exhibit in the Children's Museum. The girls were quiet infatuated with getting to meet "GEORGE!"

big hugs,

and kisses, lol

Isaac of course was off like a shot and jumping into all they had to offer.

We took a little walk so Grandpa could see the amusement park. An attempt at a group photo.

Thursday night was a games again, Isaac LOVES board games and will jump at the chance to play with anyone and everyone. Happy to have Grandpa there to offer another person to play with.

He's very good at games, already playing the Game of Life and just recently insists on being the banker. He's good at it and surprised how fast he picked up currency in the thousands, that Jr. game I got him for Christmas is going to seem too easy.

The girls and daddy finished up a fun game of carebear matching. Emma is a pro at matching. Mary is good too but she losing interests fast and tends to end up playing something else while we finish up the game.

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