Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treating

The kids were excited all night to get out. A little after 6 pm we saw some other little trick or treaters out and about so we got all our lights turned off, headed downstairs to the wagon and got their costumes on. They were pretty excited.

First house a few houses down. As Isaac said "my first customer".

When there was a gap in houses we had the girls ride in the wagon. Mary wanted to pull it which was super cute n

Isaac's costume was adorable and he kept cracking me up. He randomly was walking in a yard in the dark and he just looked like a wondering ghost.

Emma was done by the end. Here we are pulling back into our garage at roughly 7:00.

They took their costumes off and Isaac and Mary had a ball handing out candy at our door. They all got to dig into their candy buckets. Then things really slowed down about 8:00. We waited a while then called it quits and brought the porcelain pumpkins inside and shut off all the lights.

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