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Wednesday helicopter ride {NYC Trip Day 6; 12/29/10 - Part 1}

Hmmm what day am I on again... oh Wednesday. On a quick side note, I found out I'm starting my new job on Monday!!! (I've been a house bum all this week - hence why I've been able to get blogging done) It won't be my ED schedule since that is Wed & Thur evenings and every other weekend... but I'm going in Monday to get some orientation jazz done - yipee I'm so excited!!!

Okay on with New York stories. {I'm splitting this day into two parts}

Wednesday morning we got up nice and early (um like 8 or something) to drive out to Linden, New Jersey to catch our everly awaited 30 minute helicopter tour. We left about 2 hours early because we wanted to allow for plenty of time. Printed off directions the night before, and were on our way in Patty's Honda Pilot :-) she was working that day and was so kind to let us borrow the car. So our directions said it'd be about 45 minutes (1 hr 45min with traffic) so we assumed the worst and allowed 2 hrs. We made our way over to the Jersey turnpike and thought "wow we have plenty of time, now we can get some breakfast before we get there".... or so we thought. Then we're looking for the exit 13.... we see 13A, and wouldn't you thinking it would go 13, 13a, 13b, 13c, etc.... or at least no 13 and just have 13a, 13b, 13c...? Well that's what I thought, so I took the exit for 13A thinking that was 13... as we pull off on the exit we see the sign for 'EXIT 13' 1 mile ahead. Shit!! and this wasn't just any 'ol mistake where you can turn around.... we were on the exit to leave the turnpike... which was backed up! We ended up sitting there for about 30 minute in bumper to bumper stopped traffic trying to get off this damn Jersey turnpike. (Oh I forgot to mention when heading to Jersey the other night that we were sitting in rush hour traffic then as well) So far Jersey was not being so good to us. We were lucky to have Patty's GPS in the glove-box (searching for that was another story, lol but we found it thank goodness!) and typed in where we needed to go. Once we got through the jam we were able to follow the British lady on the GPS... although I began to wonder "why are we heading BACK toward the city" I have a very good sense of direction somehow, I stink at telling right from left, but give me east, west, north, south and I'm golden. So many times someone will ask directions and I respond with a then turn east, then turn north... and they ask "what is that in right and left" Yes I know I'm special like that :-) anyway so at this point I KNEW were were not going southwest which is where we needed to go.... the GPS ended up taking us north a ways (yes back toward the city - I enjoyed the views) then BACK to the turnpike. Well luckily we had been down this road before and knew NOT to take exit 13A and to wait it out for another mile for exit 13... gesh these roads. Ahhh we made it to our exit... with no time for breakfast, but we had no further trouble finding the little dinky airport where we were to depart from.

We make it to the hanger, and go in, they are running about '10 minutes' behind which really was about 20 or 30 minutes. But we were fine with waiting and relaxing after that exciting adventure to get there.

Our pilot came out to get us and walked us to our helicopter and went over some basic safety rules. We got on our head gear with smiling faces
d6 kyle copter headgear d6 daisy copter headgear

As we were preparing for take off there were two news choppers there taking off as well
d6 news chopper

Then we were off!! Hello city! Here we come!
d6 distant city view

We first flew over Staten Island and the Verrazano bridge (which connects Staten Island and Brooklyn - and is the longest suspension bridge in the US)
d6 inside copter view
d6 verrazano bridge

Then we headed over the Upper Bay and up along the Hudson river, passing the Statue of Liberty, which he assured us not to worry because we would get a much better view on the way back.
d6 inside copter statue view
d6 statue 1 skyline

He told us about governor's island and was very good about pointing out what was what.
d6 governors island

It was cool seeing all the boats in the bay
d6 boats in bay

As we went up the Hudson River we could look over the financial district and battery park
d6 lower manhattan

Then mid-mid town, lol. The point between the Financial district and Midtown (like the village, chelsea, flatiron district, etc.)
d6 village area

Next up was my favorite, the beautiful Chrysler building. Too bad we weren't on the other side for a better view. She looks so small next to the Empire State building from this angle. Down on the ground they look equal.
d6 empire and chrysler

Then a view of Madison Square Gardens, "which isn't square at all... as you can see it's round"
d6 madison square gardens

Then we approached the edge of Central Park
d6 south central park

And got a quick view of northern Manhattan
d6 upper manhattan

before turning around and headed back
d6 copterview heading back

Then we got the New Jersey side tour, with views of the Jets/Giants Stadium, Hoboken, NJ, and the tallest building in New Jersey
d6 new jersey

We got a good view of Ellis Island
d6 ellis island

AND the Statue of Liberty like he promised.
d6 liberty island d6 lady liberty 1 d6 lady liberty 2

We passed over Newark airport
d6 newark airport

and landed safely back in Linden, New Jersey.
d6 helicopter shadow

d6 helicopter

Once we landed we were finally able to go have breakfast, lol - lunch at this point. Then we headed out to Long Island.... which will be my next post.

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