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Our last day {NYC Trip Day 9; 1/1/11}

Ahh I've made it to the final blog of our NYC trip. I'm kinda sad, because going through the photos and blogging about it has allowed me to hold on to the trip. But it's time to get caught up, I have some more blogs to post that have happened in the past 3 weeks we've been home, lol.

New Years Day, we woke up in our hotel and of course had to go look out the window to see what was going on.
d9 morning view

It was like any other day, besides the street cleaners being out, there really wasn't any other sign that a major partied just happened on the streets.
d9 times square morning after

We wanted to get up and at'em early, because Patty had to work at noon and we wanted to get a little visit in with her before then. So we headed out to the train. The streets were SO quiet, it was kinda nice. We were walking down one street when we saw this sculpture!
d9 hare on bell

It looked oddly familiar! This same sculpture is in our Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. We took a picture of the sign, once the snow melts, we'll go to the garden and compare, maybe they are a two part series...?

It was nice just enjoying the streets without a crowd.
d9 christmas train

We made it back to the apartment. Visited with Patty and the kids for a bit, dropped off our little suitcase, and walked back into the city (via tram) with Patty on her way to work. We still had one place we hadn't seen yet, and that was Grand Central Terminal. Well one place on our priority list. There was SOOO much we also didn't see, but that will be another visit. It was sad saying goodbye to Patty - she was a wonderful host and so gracious to let us stay there. I always have so much fun hanging out with her and her family.

Patty works a couple of blocks from the tram. After we left her, we headed over to Park Ave to walk down towards Grand Central. You can see the Met Life building behind the Helmsley Building when you look down Park.
d9 park ave view

We crossed by the Waldorf=Astoria again
d9 waldorf astoria

We had a little bit of a hard time getting IN TO Grand Central, since it was a holiday, some of the entrances were closed. Right about the time I called the apartment and had Katie on the line we looked over and saw an entrance in use.
d9 grand central entrance

We walked it and it was amazing, so big! This was my first time of being at Grand Central Station. (well I later learned that I had been down below before, I had just never been in this open 'famous' part)
d9 walk in grand central

We went to the other side to just watch as the people went from here to there. We spent a good 30 minutes just getting some pictures
d9 grand central 1 d9 grand central 2 sepia d9 grand central 3 B&W d9 grand central ticket booths d9 grand central clock

We then went down a ramp to find the 'whispering room' Anthony and the kids had told us about this room where you can whisper in one corner and then if the other person is standing in the other corner you could hear them. Well we tried it out and it worked! A few people standing in the middle asked "does it really work?" so we showed them how to do it.
d9 grand central whisper room

We were beginning to cut it close to when we needed to head to the airport. But I still wanted to see my favorite building. So we walked over and down a bit to 3rd and 43rd where I could get a good look at her
d9 chrysler d9 chrysler gargoyle d9 chrysler top d9 chrysler landscape

After this we headed toward the tram, stopping to grab a quick bite to eat in a small little deli-ish place. Oh and we passed a cute little place we want to try in the future:
d9 the perfect pint

We hopped the tram, rushed to the apartment, grabbed our bags, headed to the car with YaYa who was so wonderful to drive us to the airport and off to La Guardia we went. I actually didn't get any other pictures.

We were afraid we were running late, but once we got to the airport we found out our plane was bout 20 minutes late, it gave us some time to wind down. Since we checked in a little late, my choose window seats were no longer available and we now had an isle seat and a middle seat. Which is probably another reason I didn't really take any pictures.

Once we made it to Milwaukee we had dinner at none-other than Chili's We had now completed a day of meals at the Milwaukee Chili's: breakfast, lunch, and dinner! lol Once we made it to Minneapolis, we stopped in at our friend Jill's house and picked up Harpo. Boy was he glad to see us! And we were glad to see him :-)

We came home and went straight to bed.

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