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Sunday December 26th, 2010 {NYC Trip Day 3}

I woke up Sunday morning to my phone ringing. It was the helicopter people calling to reschedule. (remember I said we were going to call them first thing to double check since the forecast was calling for snow) Well it wasn't snowing yet, but they still wanted to reschedule. We got another time slot for Wednesday at 11:00am... and Kyle asks "where was that time slot when we first tried?" lol. But we were set for another time, so that was good. We kinda lazed around the house again that morning, and watched as the snow began to fall.

This is out of Patty's window again, the snow was just beginning to fall
blizzard boat in east river

We didn't want the snow to slow down our sightseeing. So decided to walk around Central Park, since that's what is the prettiest in the snow. Patty was taking the kids into the city and drove us over to the park to drop us off. Here's Katie waiting for us to get the car situated to get in, as we were all standing out in the snow, she was the smart one to stay under the shelter, lol.
blizzard katie

Patty dropped us off at the corner of 60th and 5th right by where the famous Plaza Hotel is.
blizzard plaza

We proceeded through Central park and got some wonderful pictures in the snow.
blizzard central park lake

There were surprisingly still a lot of people out. Tourist walking around, families sledding, people walking their dogs - who appeared to be loving running around in the snow in their little doggie jackets.
blizzard midtown view

You couldn't really see the buildings since it was snowing so much, which made city walking not really appealing. Central Park was beautiful though!
blizzard central park kyle blizzard central park daisy

We continued to walk north east through the park, to make our way to the west side eventually.
blizzard central park tunnel

I couldn't pass up getting some shots of snowy benches :-)
blizzard central park path

We even stopped to watch some birds and squirrels. Kyle spotted a cardinal as well.
central park cardinal

blizzard daisy kyle phone image

We found shelter in this really cool tunnel
blizzard central park tunnel HDR

We were going to try and find Strawberry Fields with the Imagine mosaic, but that didn't happen, and we soon found ourselves at 77th and Central Park West. Since we past it we didn't feel like going back into the park just to find it. Besides at this point we were pretty frozen. As you can see the snowflakes on Kyle's eyelashes.
blizzard kyle eyelashes

We walked across 76th and decided to take rest in a Starbucks, enjoy a cup of jo and their free wi-fi. While sitting there we watched the snow fall and everyone scamper around in it. There was even a guy pulling his daughter and bag of groceries down the side walk.
blizzard sled on sidewalk

After warming up and trying to dry out a bit, we continued our sight seeing up north a few blocks to Amsterdam & 83rd to see Cafe Lalo. Which is a site in You've Got Mail.
blizzard cafe lalo you've got mail

The snow was getting worse as we walked, but were weren't going to let it slow us down. We walked over to Broadway to catch a train downtown. The little plastic piece on the back of my camera - the LCD cover, had broken in route on our airport day and I wanted to go to BandH photo anyway. If you're any type of camera, video person you've heard of B & H it's the superstore for camera/video equipment. I've bought many of things from them, but of course they've all been mailed to me from NY. I was so excited to actually GO! This picture was my first sight of B&H.
blizzard bandh photo

I was a little disappointed it didn't look bigger, until I went around the corner and realized I was just on the side, lol. It stretches the whole block of 9th Ave between 33rd and 34th. I didn't get another picture because I was just too excited to get inside. It was SOOO amazing! (for a camera geek that is, lol although Kyle was very impressed as well)

Then we ventured over through Penn Station, where I showed Kyle the Long Island Rail Road - which I would always take into the city when I visited Patty. And then Time Square, although it was a blizzardy mess at this point. I realized I didn't get any Time Square blizzard pics, but Kyle had one on his ipod, and you can see they're getting ready for New Years Eve:
blizzard times square

We then took the train home (I think, I can't really remember) Ahhh yes we did, because I walked Kyle the route I would take from Penn Station to the F train. We met Patty and the kids at the bar & grill on the island for dinner.

That concludes day 3 of 9.

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