Friday, January 21, 2011

New Year = New Project

So a few weeks ago I had posted on facebook about whether or not I should do another project 365 (taking a photo a day for a year) I really liked doing it the first time, and felt very connected with my camera and with photography. Well since that ended last August I have felt like I don't get out and get pictures like I used to, and I miss that.

So in debating to do another 365 or not... I obviously took photos Jan 1st, as we were still in New York. Then coming home I got one on Jan 2nd because I still hadn't decided... then I decided I didn't want to do another 365 project without a theme or focus. Because one of the non-fun parts about my first daily project were those days when I didn't really do anything exciting or go anywhere neat to get pictures of. Granted I got some fun ones around the house, I didn't want to put myself through the stress of gathering a photo EVERY day....

So I have decided I am doing a Project 52! Yup that's just a photo every week. And my goal isn't really to get ONE photo ONCE a week... but more so to DO something 'photography' related once a week in an effort to get good quality photos and to further my ability. I haven't decided if I'm going to count my portrait session into my project 52 as that week... maybe if it's the only thing I do that week it can count. As another one of my goals is to only take a limited number of clients for my business. I need to keep a level ground this year.

So with that being said I have completed my first, second, and third weeks of my project. A week goes from Saturday to Friday and I am allowing myself to capture that image ANYTIME within that time period. It just so happens my first three weeks were all captured on Saturdays, lol.

So the photo I have chosen as my first entry is this one:
d9 grand central 2 sepia

Also, I wanted to add, I'm submitting my images on flickr to the MCP pool. MCP Actions is owned by Jodi Friedman. I first learned about her through posts she contributed on The Pioneer Woman's blog. Since then I have read her own blog entries, purchased some of her photoshop actions, and follow her on facebook. She provides a great resource to photographers. I saw that she announced she's 'hosting' a Project 52 and will be sharing themes throughout the year. I haven't followed any themes yet, but imagine I will as ideas become sparse through the year. I will try and remember to post her banner on each of my Project 52 entries. If you want to check out the flickr group to see what other people are submitting feel free. And if you want to participate, the more the merrier!

Never mind that, as I just tried to catch up posts since I'm a little behind... and although my photos were taken in the right week, they (MCP staff) wouldn't let me post it. So I am no longer participating in their project and I'll just do my own :-)

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