Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wed continued - Long Island {NYC Trip Day 6; 12/29/10 - Part 2}

After our helicopter ride, we headed out to Long Island. We first drove down by Coney Island. We didn't get out of the car or anything - there was still lots of snow on the side of the roads, but we did drive by.

Our first stop was Fire Island - Robert Moses State Park. This is the beach I would go to while I was in school at Stony Brook. It was only about 15-20 minutes from where I was living and I LOVED laying on the beach, catching some rays, and listening to the surf as I read books for class.
d6 LI beach

We walked up and down the board walk a little ways, it was pretty cold and windy out along the ocean. We didn't walk all the way to the Light House. I had forgotten it was accessible by car and that it was a pretty lengthly board walk over to it.
d6 LI fire island

Also since there was a lot of snow we were unable to go down ON the beach
d6 LI beach snowy shore

We also saw about 8 deer! As we were entering the island I had told Kyle "look out for deer, I used to always see them on the side of the road". He of course didn't believe me, but then I was so happy we saw so many. Kyle love spotting deer.
d6 LI deer
d6 LI deer close up

We then left the south shores of Long Island and went inward to Lake Grove, which is where the house is that I lived in while going to school. It looked as though no one was living there, which doesn't surprise me. The landlord was a little wacko. Then we drove around the Stony Brook campus and around the historic parts of Stony Brook. Next I took Kyle to Port Jefferson, which is a fun little port area on the northern side of Long Island.
d6 port jefferson HDR

There is a ferry here that goes across the Long Island Sound to Connecticut.
d6 LI ferry

The sun was setting, and I was glad I was able to show Kyle around LI in the daylight. We ate dinner in Port Jeff then cleaned up Patty's car a bit before heading into the city.

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