Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Thanksgiving Break & Trip to KC

 Thanksgiving break came. We did some actives to keep us busy. Control cornucopia, making note of all the things we do have control over. 

This photo depicts how close we are at ALL TIMES! Not sure why everyone has to be standing in one area at the same time... but that's life right now. 

Wednesday November 25th we decorated a Gingerbread House. 

Thanksgiving day we laid low and cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. The kids helped!
We made fresh cranberry sauce, the kids cut up the celery for the stuffing and we cooked a turkey. 


I let the girls pull apart the wish bone...

Of course it didn't end well and Mary's feelings were crushed. 

The weather was gorgeous for Thanksgiving day, we spent time playing outside. Mary... still pouting. 

Oh and Emma had finally figured out riding without training wheels earlier in the month on November 15th! YAH! She loves being the the bike now and pulls it out almost daily. 


We got lights on the fence row and our penguins out. Here are the chickens pecking away in the y ard. 

Some playtime with the neighbors, this is Talas and the girls. 

AND Elf showed up the day after thanksgiving, safe traveling with his mask on. 

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to drive up to Kansas City. I had a child yoga class to team teach to finish up my child yoga teacher training certification I'd been working on since August. My course instructor was based in Kansas City and I had two class Saturday morning to help teach. We got to see the beautiful colors of the sunrise. 

While I was in my classes Kyle and the kids explored KC, went to a couple of parks, took a drive out to arrowhead stadium for Thomas to get a nap in on the highway driving. 

They picked me up at 12:15 and we had BBQ lunch, both the girls have requested this place numerous times so we'll probably have to go again next time we're in KC. Then we went to another park. 

And took the drive back home. We were a little worried about Harpo while we were gone because I woke up at 3:30am to messes on the carpet. And sure enough we came home to diarrhea accidents ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE! He wants to make sure we never travel outside of Wichita again :-( 

Sunday, November 29th we decorated the tree and began to get our Christmas decor out. 

This was Monday night... Thomas was so cute, we had read and I said goodnight (remember the others are all gone at BSF on Mondays) I told him he could look at his book for a while then to turn his light out while I went to brush my teeth and take a shower. I came back to find him conked out, light still on :-) He was a tired boy! Naps are getting hard. He still needs one but fights it so hard. We are striving for an every other day nap at this point. 

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