Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Girls Quarantine, Chickens and FIRST EGG!

Isaac and Thomas got to return to school on November 2nd. However that's when the girls' two weeks started. It was nice to have a couple kids off at school. My quarantine also ended at the end of that first week of November and I was able to return to teaching my classes at the Y on November 8th. 

Taught the girls how to weave pot holders :-) 

Spent some time playing with the chickens. 

Made a trip to Trader Joe's. I know I know the girls are suppose to be quarantine. But at this point we new were were CoVID free and I knew we weren't spreading anything. 

Silly birds, wanting to get inside. 

Then we got our FIRST EGG! On November 17th Lila laid her very first egg! We were so excited! EGG-CITED, lol. She has been laying one egg almost everyday since. 

The girls got to return to school on November 16th, ONE week before Thanksgiving break. They extended Thanksgiving break for the full week due to staffing issues and the impact of corona. 

Tuesday Thomas and I went to the Library. The library isn't open for browsing, they have all the isles taped off, but we can go in to check books out, place them on hold online or the librarians will fetch anything on the shelf we want. This was the last day we got to go into the library, since then the building has been closed and they are only doing curbside service so you have to call in and they bring it out to the car. 

Harpo is still about the same. Doing well on his meds, still in a diaper which at this point is just how it is we don't plan to take him out of it, although it's rare the diaper is wet. 

Monday nights the bigger three kids and Kyle all go to BSF. This is Thomas and I's time to play... well get ready for bed. But that time by ourselves has become special. Even though we have day time together something special about night time and just being us. He helps me with chores and likes to dance to Justin Bieber in my room. :-) This was November 23rd. 


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