Saturday, December 12, 2020

Mid- October Random

We made little jello Petri dishes for a halloween activity. 

Friday, October 16th Kyle and I had a date night at a local winery. Yoga and Wine. The sun set was gorgeous on the way, but it was dark once we arrived. Felt good to get away, that was the last time we've had a date night :-( 

Isaac's flag football season wrapped up mid-October. He loves football. 

Thomas and I did music together this fall, it started with outside classes but we moved inside toward the end due to weather. 

This was at the Old Spaghetti Factory, Thomas saw they hd a trolley there last time we hte and really wanted to sit in it. Problem is there is really only seating for four max inside the trolley... so we crammed together to fit in, boy was it miserable, will never do that again, lol. Not enough space to eat, think, or breath. But hey memories were made. 


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