Saturday, December 12, 2020

Quarantined Halloween 2020

Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. There was much talk and debate in our neighborhood about trick or treating. Apparently halloween here is a HUGE deal, like over 1,000 trick or treaters. They usually shut the streets down. I joke the only treat we had to hand out was corona. Our neighborhood association did make signs that said "no trick or treating' which we put up. We had our own halloween bash on Friday night with room to room trick or treating. Kyle and I split up and used lights on the door so the kids new which door to knock on to trick or treat. They loved it and Emma was yelling "This is the best halloween ever!" :0D 

Saturday we continued with the halloween festivities. Monster eyeball deviled eggs:

Carved pumpkins


Mummy hotdogs for dinner followed by a movie night of Cocoa 

We had signed up to attend the Tanganyika Wild Life Park's halloween trick or treating but couldn't make it. Our neighbors went and were so sweet as to bring guys back a goodie bag they collected there. 

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