Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mom Project

With all my hot yoga attendance and Kyle going I wanted a place to hang our yoga mat to dry that wasn't all the way upstairs. I saw this towel rack on pinterest and thought it'd be a good way to use up some PVC I had lying around as well as be useful in the sumemr when we come home from the beach and need ap lace to hang six towels! So Mary and I made a trip to home depot last weekend to get the rest of what we needed. Lots of math work done to figure out how to use up the pieces I had and to try to get minimal extras to complete it. I had various diameters of PVC so that was also a challenge figuring out how to piece them together and get correct adapters. 

But after a long trip we had what we needed.... well realizing we needed different sized elbows I made another trip to exchange pieces. Mary loved being with me and it was good for her and Emma to have some time apart. They have been getting on each other's nerves lately. Will be good when they start school next fall and be in separate classes during the day. 

I got most of it cut how I needed then just had to drill in holes for the cross bars. I picked up a special drill bit this past week at Ace after I dropped the girls at school (I shared all this on my instagram stories so if you want to know more of what we're up to in real time, follow me there!)

As you can see the bit didn't complete the job (on the right), I ended up using a dremel we had to make the holes nice and open! 

I FINISHED it during Thomas's nap on Friday! WOOHOO! Love the feeling of completing a project!

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