Sunday, February 17, 2019

Thomas 18 month Check up

A little late for Thomas's 18 month check up but it WAS before he hit 19 months, so I call that a win :-) 

We managed to get in one afternoon when the girls had school so it was nice for it to be just me and him at the appointment. He's looking good, growing good, healthy sweet boy! Just such a joy to our family. Isaac was commenting just yesterday "I like our house better after Thomas is born". 

He LOVES books! Books and balls are probably his most favorite things! He weighed in at 25.75 pounds, and was 33 inches long. They still measure him laying down (which is kind of shady) next visit he will be standing so it'll be a much different comparison. 

He got two shots and still remains up to date with vaccinations. We do a spread out schedule, so while we don't really skip any needed we only do two shots per visit and he gets them all in when he needs them. I've done this with all my kids and while there's lots of debate out there on vaccinations they are GOOD for us and keep everyone safe! I just don't like pumping their little bodies full of so many at one time. Thomas did get his MMR vaccine a little earlier than my other kids because we took him out of the country when he was 13 months old, lucky boy ;-) 

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