Sunday, February 17, 2019

Hole in the Wall

**I really have to laugh at how long this took us to get repaired... but that's life.**

Sometime in Mid-October 2018:
We had some little spots here and there I wanted to take care of, ya know the little nicks and scratches and paint chips from 3M hooks. I decided to finally take care of a handful of them all at one time. Feeling pretty proud to be on top of something. 

Then I went to look for a missing book and pulled out the kids bookshelf to discover this!!!

I left the room for a second to come back to discover Mary had touched the wall on the bubble:

It was all crumbling and soft around the bubble.

So I ended up getting all the soft spots out and cleaned up around and it kinda sat this way for a few months. 

We had our stucco guy come out and take a look to make sure it wasn't an external water intrusion issue that we would want to fix before patching the hole. We concluded that due to the vent being under the book shelf, over time with the cool from the AC and the heat from the furnace that it created moisture build up in that spot. There was no water damage to the slats in the wall so we knew it wasn't from outside. With that information it was time to call in for a repair. We are not familiar with plaster so I wasn't sure what to do. After watching the guy, realized we could have done it ourselves.... but with four kids and our schedules it was just easier to pay someone and finally get it done (four months later, haha!) he patched it up and I got it painted, not a perfect job painting but I didn't want to deal with getting tape out so it'll do for now. 

Just realized I didn't get a photo of the after but here's one with Thomas :-)

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