Sunday, February 17, 2019

MN Zoo

We had been trying to get to the zoo for a couple of weeks now. Our yearly membership is about to expire. Last weekend we even made it as far as getting loaded up in the van and headed down the highway when we realized the zoo closes at 4:00pm and it was 3:38 at that time. So we settled for going out to eat instead with a movie night at home. So yesterday we made it with plenty of time, heading there after my scheduled hair cut. 

Mary wanted a picture with everyone but discovered they had already ran off, so I got one with just her. She looks so much like her cousin Alyson here! 

There is plenty to do inside that we don't do the outside trails. The MN trail is a covered outside trail, so it's cold enough for coats but not super cold and loops around so you end up back inside. Watched the beaver swim around and here Thomas was watching the Lynx strut her stuff.

Looking at a beaver skull.

Back in mid-November when our friend introduced us to the bird show the kids have requested it everytime since. So this was our third time seeing the show. They love the parrot Coconut. First time for Kyle to see it.

We finished the day with a family trip to Costco where we stocked up on groceries, our fridge was literally empty! And I hit up some hot yoga while the kids watched a movie at home. 

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