Sunday, March 24, 2019

New Piano

Last Monday we stopped in at a neighbor's estate sale. It is the house that has the Lucy out front that we always see on our way to Costco. I saw they were having an Estate sale and wondered if maybe they were selling Lucy.

Well they weren't, she is getting donated to charity (or a synagogue). But we did actually see a piano! I debated it and was texting with Kyle but we needed to get home to meet Isaac after school and Thomas was really due for a nap. The sale was going until 4:00 so I had about an hour to decide.

Thomas would NOT nap, and I heard back from Kyle so just decided to load everyone up and head back over there. Got there about 4:05, but he was willing to sell it to me. Made some calls and planned for a piano mover to come on Friday.

Friday morning came and I met the Estate sale guy and the piano movers over at the house. I probably didn't need to go but just in case they needed me I wanted to make sure I was available. We went back home to meet the movers. They were pretty quick.

The kids had fun watching them move it in. Glad I didn't have to deal with getting it up the two flights of stairs out front.

Now we have a piano! Now we just need to figure out what to do with that coffee table... neither Kyle or I really want it, but he hand built it in shop class so feel like we should keep it. It's just super heavy, super big, and we don't really want it in the way :-/ It's currently our piano bench, haha.

I used to play but it's been a long time. I'm going to work on learning again. Isaac has learned at school and he has enjoyed practicing and I'm teaching the girls scales they can work on before the kids all get official lessons. Thomas really wants to play and I've let him a little, he seems pretty proud to press the keys with one finger.

We drove by the house today and they UNCOVERED Lucy. We're sure going to miss seeing her on our drive out of the neighborhood. The kids always love driving by her.

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