Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sculpture Garden - Outside in March

The weather has made a turn for the better! This weekend has been the first days of 50 degrees since the start of November. Our piles and mounds of snow are slowly melting. 

It was fun to get the kids outdoors and see Thomas roam! He probably doesn't even remember what it's like to walk outside, haha. He did great keeping up with everyone. Walked the whole time and wiped out once we got home after dinner. 

This was a cool little shelter thing built into the hill, the top opening was open to the sky, but there was a tunnel to get in.

First attempt, sun too bright.

Third attempt much better lighting... but getting tired of sitting for pictures at this point, haha.

And a family photo! Everyone's looking! "And a chicken is on daddy's head" :-D

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