Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Chicago Adventure - Day 2

Wednesday was our first full day of sight seeing and the morning after the Cubs won the World Series!!! Pretty amazing to be experiencing the hype in their hometown. The game was in Cleveland, so maybe if it was at home it would have been even more crazy, but we were surprised we didn't hear any ruckus the night before.

I had purchased a family MN Science Museum membership ahead of time because all the museums we had planned we could get in free with that membership. We walked south with plans to go to a restaurant I had read about. We were right next to Grand Park and I had totally forgot about the bean, glad Kyle remembers because we walked over before we ate to have a look.

The way the sun was coming off the building was pretty amazing
chicago day 2-4

chicago day 2-6

Family photo

The kids enjoyed running around and burning some energy.
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chicago day 2-8

chicago day 2-14

chicago day 2-16

chicago day 2-18

After everyone got their wiggles out we walked across the street to Wildberry Pancake & Cafe. There was only about a 20 minute wait, which wasn't bad. The whole city was on a high from the world series so it was pretty fun to experience. We placed our order and my Coconut Mocha arrived like this:

Emma was a huge fan of her chocolate chip pancakes. I had the berry bliss french toast which was amazing and Kyle had the berry bliss waffle. We shared with the other two, Mary had some ham but she wasn't a big eater this morning. Isaac ate almost all my berries.

We hopped on the bus to head down to the Museum of Science and Industry. Much easier to do without six bags of luggage in tow.
chicago day 2-23



chicago day 2-25

We arrived and got off the bus, and of course Isaac had to pee... joys of being a boy.
chicago day 2-26



It was pretty fun to explore. We started in the farm area
chicago day 2-30

chicago day 2-36

chicago day 2-40

Then went into the circus area. Isaac liked this one and Emma liked seeing the fake tiger and lion.
chicago day 2-45

Next we saw the full size submarine. Pretty crazy there is a submarine in this museum (among other things)
chicago day 2-48

chicago day 2-49

Made our way to the chick hatchery
chicago day 2-53

That was fun for the kids.
chicago day 2-54

chicago day 2-57

chicago day 2-58

There was even a couple eggs hatching! We didn't' get to see them fully hatch, soon after this a swarm of kids in a school group crowded the hatchery exhibit.
chicago day 2-59

Made a trip through the train area (not as impressed as we hoped but we did just get off our very own train ride the day before).
chicago day 2-63

There was a cool machinery exhibit that Isaac was pretty enthralled with.
chicago day 2-64

We got to experience a cool mirror maze
chicago day 2-66

chicago day 2-68

That's Isaac's face
chicago day 2-69

Lastly we made it to the top floor where the planes and all the science stuff was.
chicago day 2-70

This was actually our favorite area but by this time the girls were just done.
chicago day 2-74

chicago day 2-75


There was a cool in utero exhibit that had embryo's throughout the conception cycle, roughly every week up to 39 weeks. This was my favorite (the rest were all singletons) but thought it was cool to see twin girls. These are identical with one placenta.

We made it out and had to snap a quick family selfie. I did bring my selfie stick but discovered on the train yesterday that the battery was dead and I didn't pack the charger so no good that does.


Back on the bus to head up to downtown. Mary caught a little snooze.

We walked around a bit on our hunt to find something to eat. Emma caught a snooze at this point. We ended up at a cute little Italian restaurant and luckily it was early enough we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I had some great Gnocchi that Mary pretty much ate all of.

We went back to the hotel to relax for a bit. And then we went swimming in the hotel's pool. The kids really loved that. Here's Emma rolling around in her bed with all their stuffed animals. They couldn't bring just one.

After we swam we went for a little walk to whole foods, which was only one block away. They actually had a lot of good options for hot meals and the sandwiches were on sale that day. We picked up a few treats too, which is funny because anything at whole foods is healthy, and is that 'really' considered a treat, lol. We realized we didn't need to go very far for a meal and wished we would have just done that last night instead of getting stuck out in the rain. We didn't realize the huge deli and 'food counter' in the back of the store.

The kids enjoyed the evening walk and seeing the city in the dark.


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