Thursday, September 3, 2015

MO Trip end of July {Part 1: Grandma Cindy's}

We headed down to Missouri for a family reunion on my mother's mother's side. When I was little we had big reunions fairly often. Lately we've been having them every five years. My grandmother had 10 siblings so through the years this family line of decedents has gotten rather large.

We broke up the drive down by leaving Wednesday evening. We stayed at a hotel in northern Missouri then drove the rest of the way Thursday morning arriving at Kyle's mom on Thursday. We stopped to see Kyle's grandpa on the way into town.
great grandpa chandlers-1

great grandpa chandlers-2

Isaac wouldn't get in the photo... isn't 3.5 just wonderful :-P
great grandpa chandlers-3

We learned on this trip another iPad will be helpful. We have since bought a second in preparation for our next long car trip.

Some pictures with Grandpa Del and Grandma Cindy
grandma cindys-1

grandma cindys-2

grandma cindys-3

grandma cindys-4

grandma cindys-5

grandma cindys-6

The girls were pretty good about turning Grandma's place upside down. Checking every nook and cranny, every drawer and cabinet.
grandma cindys-23

grandma cindys-8

grandma cindys-9

I used my phone to stick in the door to peek on Isaac to see if he was sleeping, lol pretty handy.

We even made it to Grandpa Del's country club pool. It was typical Missouri end of July, HOT HOT HOT!





That evening we let Isaac stay up a little later. We got the girls down and then sat outside waiting for the stars to come out. We were also looking for a screech owl that lived nearby.
grandma cindys-10

grandma cindys-11

grandma cindys-12

The moon was big and beautiful that night
grandma cindys-13

grandma cindys-14

The next morning we loaded up and headed down for my side's family reunion.
grandma cindys-15

grandma cindys-16



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