Monday, September 13, 2010

Twins Game: Tuesday, September 7, 2010

minneapolis twins
Last Tuesday, we had tickets through Kyle's grad-school: University of St. Thomas: MBA program to see the Twins play!!!! We went a while ago, but we actually had these tickets before that other game.

WAIT WAIT, I need to start from the beginning - I almost forgot. Okay so on my way home Tuesday evening I stopped by Dick's Sporting goods to get some Twin gear. We had looked at the shop in Target Field last time we went and I made a mental note there to go somewhere else to get Kyle a hat and me a shirt before this game.... well nothing like waiting til the last minute, because I just now remembered. So I stopped at the store and found a cheap shirt for me and the hat that Kyle has had his eye on for a year or so. Came home showed him our goods... and the hat was too small :( I was afraid of that because all they had was a medium. SOOO we said "if we leave now and head to the other Dick's Sporting Goods store in Richfield, we can hopefully return it for a large if they have one there and then head up 35W to downtown. (which we knew 35 W would be a mess during rush hour and road construction). On our way to Dick's, which we couldn't figure out the best back way to get there, Kyle took a wrong turn into a roundabout in front of Best Buy's headquarters.... I look to my right and scream!!!! LOOK WHAT I FOUND:
youre the life of the party chuck

It was meant to be! Too bad I had to take the picture through the glass, the doors were badge access only. But hey I saw it and can add it to my list!

Okay back to the twins game....

This was a night game and better seats at that. We were facing the skyline - which I love!
night time twins game

night game

I also had my birthday present with me: a better lens. Allowing me to get nice wide angles (18mm) and zoomed in tight too (200mm).
batter up

Here's Joe Mauer up to bat. Everyone is so crazy about him, I'm not sure why.
mauer at bat

mauer batting

The Twins played the Kansas City Royals... so of course it was a no-brainer game... sorry KC, it's true. We ended up leaving before it was over - mainly because we're old farts and go to bed early, but also to avoid traffic congestion. But we didn't leave before my favorite parts!
grooming the field

I LOVE seeing them groom the field... I think it is rooted from when I would go to Yankee games and watch them pull the till things behind them, at the Yanks games they would dance to YMCA as they would pull them... I miss that. But still I like watching them groom it because I always think of the Yankee dancers :-P

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