Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday, Sept. 18th

(picture taken from inside our house, through a screen window... sorry you can't really see very good, but the picture is only for memory purposes in telling the story) :-) hee hee

For two nights before this day, Kyle and I had heard random meowing at night.... I looked out our south window in our living room and saw three kittens playing on our neighbors deck. This neighbor is rarely home. She travels a lot for her work and her house is often neglected... which is probably how these stray cats came to live under her deck. They were so cute, there was a fluffly kitty: which we ended up calling 'the dumb one' because he was very easily distracted and looked like he got into mischief a lot. Then there was a not so furry gray and white kitten that we ended up calling 'the smart one'. This one was on alert and was aware we were watching them. Then there was 'the grey one' this one didn't show his face too often.

Well I was determined to catch one of these kittens, they were so cute. Okay maybe I wasn't dead set on CATCHING one... but I wanted to nurture them. So I put out a little lid of milk... well they didn't know it was there, so I started throwing dog food to make a trail to where I had laid the lid of milk. Here you can see the three cats, 'the smart one' was right by the fence so close to the milk, while the other two were back nibbling on Harpo's dog food.
3 kittens

The milk is there on my side of the fence near the bottom. My hopes were they would come through the fence to my side to drink the milk.... they didn't. After some hours of obsessing over the kitties we had to leave for a campfire get together we had that evening. I ended up sitting the lid of milk up on our neighbors deck when we left in hopes they would find it. When we came home the lid was knocked down... either the cats found it and licked it all off causing it to blow off... or it blew off... either way I couldn't find the cats that night. And the next day I couldn't find them either... or the day after that :-(

Maybe their mama came to take them away to a new place.
Maybe I scared them away.
Maybe our neighbor came home and they didn't like that so they ran away.

Whatever happened to them, I hope they found a good home.

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