Monday, September 27, 2010

House Cleaning & New Shutters

When we moved into our house, the front looked like this:

Not sure if you can see (the tree is kinda covering it up) but the left window's shutter is broken. There was a huge hail storm a few months before we bought the house, which caused pretty much every house in our neighborhood to get new siding and new roofs... except us. When we got new windows we had them take the shutters down and we just left them down, knowing we would be getting new ones sometime.
house before

This left a nice little color outline where the old shutters were and showed us just how chalky our house was. This was of great concern to Kyle... it didn't really bother me because you couldn't really tell unless you got really close.
close up

After a day of putting a 'power washer' attachment on our hose and scrubbing scrubbing scrubbing... we knew more had to be done to clean this chalk off the siding. So our plan was to rent a power washer and clean the metal siding. So a few weeks ago that is just what we did.
kyle power wash

We sprayed and sprayed, and even scrubbed a bit. There was a little improvement, but for all the work we were putting in it... it really didn't make that big of a difference. This was Kyle's turning point "I'm fine with the way it is" he said. So we used up our rental wisely, cleaned the gutters, and cleaned our patio furniture.
power wash table

That same day we went to get new shutters... which once we got home we found out they were not the right size. We were going to have to special order them. And since we special ordered them we got the kind we wanted and not like the ones everyone else in our neighborhood has. Well they arrived in the mail the other day and this past weekend we got them put up.

TAHDAH, another house project complete:
house with shutters

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