Monday, September 27, 2010


I lost track as to what numbered box this is... but we have two left. I picked this one up last Thursday
CSA box

This has to be our most 'interesting box', which is why it deserves it's own blog. We got some veggies that I've never seen or heard of before....

This is a Romanesco:
csa romanesco
"there's a lot of cool looking vegetables in this box, but Romanesco tops them all. This Italian heirloom sometimes referred to as a broccoli & sometimes a cauliflower looks more like something growing on a coral reef than either. Its sweet nutty flavor is better than broccoli or cauliflower, too! It doesn't need any fancy preparation, either - best to steam it whole until tender, cut in quarters the long way, & drizzle a bit of butter or olive oil & fresh lemon juice, salt, & pepper. Gorgeous & delicious! Store in plastic in fridge & use up within 5 days or so" --taken from our weekly newsletter our CSA gives us with our box.

These next two pictures are Celeriac:
celeriac 2
"one of my favorite fall/winter veggies. This is old-school celry - the stem celery we know has only been around for a couple hundred years. before that, celery was grown for its root. These gnarly looking roots pack lots of celery flavor mixed with an earthy sweetness you won't find in California stems. Peel them with a sharp paring knife & grate, slice, or cube them to add to coleslaws, soups, roasts, & gratins. They're delicious mashed with potatoes & add lots of body to pureed soups. You can also roast them whole with the skin on. They oxidize quickly after cutting, so cook right away or place in lemon water to stabilize it for later use. Store in plastic in the fridge"

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