Friday, September 3, 2010

State Fair 2010

This was our third year of visiting the Minnesota State Fair. It's a pretty big deal here... but also sad - because it really does mark the END of summer. Although we're ready for it. We have had an oddly humid summer up here, when it's usually enjoyably cool - this year was NOT! I'm ready for fall!!!!

Okay back to fair talk. This year we met some friends there. And we didn't go til later (arrived about 4:30). Of course we had to stop in the birthing barn - it's my fav! Although it was VERY crowded; everyone was watching the cow about to give birth, I had no interest. I like seeing the babies AFTER they come out not while they're coming out.
baby chick

Once we found our friends, we walked around with them for a little while. Buying some fun stuff. I got this for camping. I'm kinda excited to use it this weekend... no more squatting and getting it all over my pants, lol. Then it was time for dinner, I had some roasted corn, YuMyUm! Although I didn't have one of these - they still looked very yummy:
rice crispies

Kyle had a Gyro, I had some pita and hummus. We all sat and people watched for a bit
busy fair

Then our friends had some Sweet Martha's Cookies and then we went over to the Milk stand (all you can drink milk for $1) although the line was forever long, at least we got to sit down and relax.
friends cookies

before sitting down, Kyle got some Australian Potatoes for us. We got these last year and really liked the grease balls.
kyle Australian potatoes

We stood and watched the ducks for a little bit, there was a random pond in the middle of the fair. I love when they stick their butts in the air, I think it's so funny!
duck butt

Then we did more walking, walking, walking.

And we looked at the tractors
john deere

It was starting to get dark (which I was waiting for because I wanted to get some pictures of the rides lit up). But we went into the animal barns. We saw lots and lots of bunnies!! I don't remember seeing the bunnies the years before.
fluffy bunny

I was searching for the goats, they were my favorite from last year. But they weren't in the sheep barn like last year.... so we wandered over to the Swine Barn (which as it turns out I don't think we have been there before). By this time it's dark out, we walk into the Swine Barn to find a PaRtY going on!!! All the 4H kids are dancing to club music and there's loud music and bright lights, the poor animals dealing with the craziness. But we made our way around the chaos and FOUND the goats!!!

Kyle liked having them suck on his fingers, lol. We also saw some big piggies! I touched this one's nose (the one of the right).
two pigs

Since it was dark we made our way over to the mid-way area where all the ride are... we have never been over there. and there was a reason - very crowded and annoying... the typical carnival type setting. I didn't really have any luck getting night pictures, It could have been because I was tired - but I just wasn't seeing what I had in mind. I did stop and set up for one ride. But our feet were starting to hurt and we just wanted to get out of there.
night ride

We hopped back on the shuttle, feet aching and made our way back to our car. Another day at the fair has ended, until next year.....

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