Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 45

Week 45 blogsize

I'm almost to the end of this project, wow what a year and what a lot of photos!!!

#309: New Lens: I got a new, fast lens! Super excited, so I had to play with it on our drive to a friends for dinner. It's an older lens, but has a macro setting I've been playing with as well. It's the Nikkor 35-70mm 2.8, boy are those fast lenses heavy :-P

#310: Blue Potatoes: These potatoes were in our CSA box!!  I've never seen blue potatoes, boy are they purple!! They even produce purple juice when I was cutting them.

#311: Home Brew Bucket Kit: We are big fans of GROUPON, and this deal was on there the other day. It's a home brew starter kit!  We wanted to tack on another winter hobby to our lives... so this fall we will explore the world of home brewing beer!

#312: Lonely Dinner: Dinner is pretty simple on the nights Kyle has class.... I did enjoy toasting my bread and melting the cheese though :-P

#313: Hydrangea Bloom: Just playing with my macro in the back yard. I love hydrangea's they are so beautiful!

#314: Friday Night Gallery Set Up: Friday night I spent the evening helping my fellow Twin City Photography Groupers set up for our Hilton Gallery Show. You can see one side of my grid wall in this photo, the two on the left hand side.

#315: Gallery Show: Saturday I spent the majority of the day working the Hilton Gallery Show. We had framed work and unframed work. I actually sold one piece before the weekend was over! An 8x10 matted photo of  my boat garages!!!

Happy Summer!

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Ali said...

Yay! You guys bought the homebrew kit! I can't wait for you to get started so we can talk beer :D

Congrats on selling one of your prints, have a natural gift, Daisy.

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