Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 44

Week 44 blogsize

#302: REI scratch & dent boot: We were at REI looking at bikes for Kyle (since he is going to start biking to his NEW job!!). I was wondering around the store while he was test driving a bike and found this pair of hiking boots, in my size on the clearance rack. I talked about REI's scratch and dent thing here.

#303: Bunny Family Night Trip: I had a photography group meeting that ran late this day and didn't get a picture. When I drove up to the house I saw a family of 5-8 bunnies wondering the grass. So I quickly grabbed my camera (and tripod since it was dark out) and tried to capture all the bunnies. They didn't really like me snapping my camera at them because they began to hop away. But you can see a few little bunny silhouettes in this photo.

#304: Green Feet: Kyle was wonderful and mowed the yard while I spent the evening editing a photo shoot. It was almost time for bed and we were all relaxing on the couch. I looked over to see Harpo snoozing away but his feet were glowing green, it was so funny. I love how he almost looks like he's spitting his tongue out at me in this photo.

#305: University of St. Thomas: Kyle's summer class is on a Wednesday and runs until 9:30. During the school year his class ends at 9 so he can catch the 9:20 bus. Since this one runs later I have been picking him up after class. This day, of course it was night again before I was able to get a photo, but I snapped one of the area I was sitting in waiting for him to get out, class ran late this evening.

#306: CSA Strawberries: We picked up our first box of CSA veggies. These strawberries were delicious!

#307: Dinner Burger: I love grilling out in the summer time. Homemade burgers are WAY better than any bought from a restaurant because we can make them just how we like them. This night we mashed some of our scallions and green garlic in the burger so we got some nice flavor with every bite.

#308: REI Scratch & Dent Sale: Saturday we got up early to secure a spot to enter the member only sale at REI. It was a beautiful morning and we only had to wait 30 minutes, get our ticket, then head back home for two hours until we were able to enter the sale.

Happy Summer!

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