Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 42

10 weeks left! WoW I just realized that!!!  I've been pretty busy lately getting things together for my photography business and preparing for the Photography Gallery I am volunteering with which happens at the end of June, if you haven't checked out the webpage you can see it here, I have a picture on the 10th slide. Sorry some of this weeks photos are boring, I have a few product pictures in there, turns out I didn't take any other pictures than the business pictures... but hey at least I didn't miss another day!

We have some wonderful news!!! Kyle just accepted an offer for a new job!! We'd been praying about it for about a month now and as each step of the interview process progressed, our hearts got a little more hopeful! God is GREAT!  We had both been looking for a change in our lives, I had applied to school and that didn't work out; we were just kind of in a stuck place. So this new job is an answer to many prayers. I hope it's a smooth transition and everything he's been hoping for!! God is paving the way for us, next thing you know we'll be starting a family... HAHA not so fast. :-P  But this new job is a stepping stone to that point :-)
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#288: Game of Croquet: Some friends of ours invited us to their 3rd annual Memorial Day (well the day before memorial day) BBQ. We had a fun time playing croquet, bags, blowing things up, and eating good food!

#289: Patio Garden: Another year of the patio garden... someday we hope to have a real garden, but we have some more house projects before we build one of those. This year we planted two tomato plants, a pot full of banana peppers and a pot full of jalapeno peppers. This is our first time growing peppers so I hope they are a success!!  Here's last years patio garden.

#290: Potted Flower: When I was home a few weeks ago, my mom sent me home with two big pots to plant in and set on our front patio. Memorial Day we got some flowers (a little more than needed, but hey it's our first time - we're learning) and planted two pots (ended up being 3 since we had so much left over). This is a flower from the pot.

#291: Audio Book: When I went home to Missouri I checked out a few audio books out from the library. I have never heard about this author: Stephanie Bond, but the cover looked interesting and it was a mystery, which I love. She has a series called Body Movers, well I listened to the 2nd and 3rd books in the series and decided I should get the first one before moving on. Here I am sitting in my car waiting to pick up Kyle from the bus stop and remembered I needed a picture for the day.

#292: First Product: I sold my first product and got it all packaged nicely!!  Of course I had to take a picture of it cuz I'm a dork like that :-)

#293: 35W over the Mississippi River: More and more of my pictures have been taken with my camera phone lately. Maybe that's a sign I need to get back into taking 'real' pictures. Anyway this is taken while going over 35W (a highway here). This is actually the bridge that collapsed a month before we moved to Minneapolis. In the picture you can see the Stone Arch Bridge and downtown Minneapolis.

#294: Product Image: I got some of my products printed! This is a specialty collage I am calling 'The Flower Box'. My sample is an 8x8 Canvas. Sadly I was so busy this day that product pictures were the only pictures I took.... at least I picked up my camera, right?

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