Thursday, June 24, 2010

CSA Box #1!!!!

I'm a little late on blogging this... but I just have to share!! Back in February we signed up for a CSA (which stands for Community Supported Agriculture) with Driftless Organics.  There are many, many CSA's to pick from around the Twin Cities... just look at the list here. We spent much time looking at the different ones, the main priority was for it to have a pick-up location near us, the second requirement was for it to have half shares. We weren't sure if we wanted to get a box every week, so we thought since this is our first year of participating we would find a place that allowed you to purchase a EOW box (every-other week). So to explain it clearer for those that have never heard of it. You purchase a 'share' or CSA with a local farm and they deliever a box full of veggies, organic-homegrown-goodness to your pickup sight and you pick it up once a week, or in our case, every other week.

Last Thursday was time to pick up our first box!!!!

We had lots of goodies in our box:

~notice the bonus addition... the ladybug~ :-)

Asian Green Mix
Blue Potatoes
Bunched Spinach
Russian Banana
Fingerling Potatoes
Green Garlic
Purple/Green Kohlrabi
Red Leaf Lettuce
Red Radishes
Rosemary or Oregano

So the only stinky part of this was... most items needed to be eatten within a week! Well that stinks because we don't get our next box until 2 weeks from now (actually more because we won't be able to pick it up in 2 weeks so we're getting it the next week thus twice in a row for two weeks, then back to regularly scheduled pickups, yes confusing I know)

We finished the strawberries first. Mainly because this is what was instructed in our newsletter: "Strawberries - have been slow coming because of all the rain we’ve been getting. Wetness also means they won’t keep long, so eat them all on the way home!"

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, each week our farm gives us a newsletter with information on storing and cooking each veggie, what's new on their farm, and some fun recipes to make with our CSA veggies! It's a pretty excited ordeal and we are super happy to be a part of one!!

I'm already super excited for our next box!!

We had two salad's a day for the next four days!

The Asian Green Mix that we mixed in with the lettuce and spinach was WONDERFUL! It had this unique flavor in it that I just loved, and made it so I didn't have to use any dressing (I'm not a fan of dressing anyway). Yum Yum!

This was also the first time I have ever heard of blue potatoes!!!

And they were scrum-diddly-umptious!!!  We sliced them and baked them. Threw a little green garlic, scallions, and rosemary on them!!!

Happy Summer!

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