Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week 41

Week 41 blogsize

#281: Prairie Dog at the MN Zoo: I got us free tickets to the MN zoo through the libraries museum pass program. These prairie dogs were so funny! There were so many of them!!

#282: Nuttin' - I actually blogged all evening and totally forgot to get a picture :-(  only day two out of 289 days that I have missed (so far, I hope it's the last)

#283: Soy Sauce: We bought this ginormous thing of soy sauce when we lived in Atlanta from Jan. to Aug. of 2007. THIS is how much we have left, lol. Looks like we will get through it someday. I actually pulled this out last month when we were talking about it with some guests and noticed on the bottom "refrigerate after opening" lol ooops.  But I figure if we haven't refrigerated it in 3 years it should be fine, haha.

#284: Backyard Iris: There was one iris bundle growing when we moved in, although I had never seen it bloom. Last summer I transplanted a few from my boss's garden. This year I have a bunch! They were all toppled over, but this weekend we got some of those rod/wire things so now they are all standing up pretty.

#285: Joe Mauer Statue: I went downtown to meet Kyle after work for HH and dinner at a restaurant we had a coupon for. Minneapolis is covered in Joe Mauer statues, here's an article.

#286: Backpacking Gear: We laid out all our gear in preparation for backpacking. We've never 'officially' gone backpacking so we wanted to make sure we had everything we thought we needed before we loaded up our packs. I'm looking forward to camping at some fun places this summer and backpacking some Minnesota trails.

#287: Backpacking lunch: We backpacked/hiked this day at Lake Maria State Park. Since it was Memorial Weekend, there were no campsites available but we were able to practice walking 5 miles with our packs on. Not too bad, Harpo was a bit tired at the end and he wasn't even carrying anything, lol. We stopped to use our new burner to cook lunch!

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