Saturday, June 19, 2010

Week 43

Less than ten weeks left of my project!!!

Week 43 blogsize

#295: Tomatoes: I think we had hamburger's or chicken sandwiches this night. Point being, I had a photo shoot this morning (which I usually use a picture as my picture of the day) but the mom had requested me to NOT use any photos on blogs or facebook so... I quickly remembered around dinner time that I needed to capture a photo for my 365 project :-)

#296: Harpo Play: Since Harpo turned 3 he instantly became an old fart! But every once in a while he'll still have a streak of playtime in him. A short streak but I still embrace it and remember back to the day he would NEVER stop playing :-)  ahh kids grow up fast :-P

#297: Diet Dr. Pepper: We don't buy a lot of soda, heck I don't DRINK soda ever unless we go to the movies. But for some reason I had a craving for some Dr. Pepper so we bought a big case at Costco, of course it is diet to not interfere with my ever present duty to try and get back to my 'wedding weight'. :-P shesh

#298: Harpo: I wonder HOW many times Harpo has made it in my 365 project :-)

#299: Waterproof Point & Shoot: WOO HOO, I had been wanting a new point and shoot for a while, just to have an extra camera around, something to throw in my purse in a split second. We were suppose to go on a canoe trip this weekend, which led me in the direction to get a waterproof camera (I wish I had this when we went snorkeling in Mexico)... it arrived in the mail and I was all set to canoe.... too bad the weather was crummy and we cancelled the trip. But now I have another point and shoot... don't worry Nikon - I will never leave you, Canon was just the better choice this once!!

#300: Ticket to Ride: So instead of camping and canoeing with our newly married group, we had a game night at one of their houses.  This is 'Ticket to Ride', which has become a very popular game at our get together-s. The girls are in playing, while the boys were getting the campfire going.

#301: Harpo making friends: Saturday evening we went over to another friends house. They recently got a new puppy: Gilligan. Harpo had a fun little play date while we played games. We attempted to get a picture of the two of them, this was the best we could do. Of course Harpo was an old fart again and didn't' want to play as much as Gil did :-P

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