Wednesday, February 2, 2022

November 21, 2021 - College Football Championships

 Wichita doesn't have a football team of any kind. No pro, no minor, and the main college (WSU) doesn't even have a football team. But there are some community colleges in the area and they were holding their championship game at the Wind Surge field. Interesting watching football on a baseball field, not our preference but still fun to experience. 

These were our seats... horrible, lol. A staff person came by and said we were welcome to go exchange them he said "It's our first time doing this so we're still figuring it out" Yeah you couldn't see anything because of the team standing on the side lines right in front of you. This stadium doesn't have the height to make this work. 

The tickets they gave us weren't any better.... so we found our own, lol. 

Kids ended up playing in the grassy area about halfway through, found some friends from school that were also just getting out of quarantine, HAHA! 

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