Wednesday, February 2, 2022

November 2021 - Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week arrived and Emma got to go back to school on Monday. The ONLY person that tests positive gets to return to school, doesn't make sense ::eye roll:: Anyway two days of school that week before Thanksgiving break. 

We got matching Christmas PJs and I taught Isaac how to play darts (cricket)

Isaac had an ortho check up, left with a surprise BANDS! Totally wasn't expecting that and I had not prepared him, he was a little taken back at first but quickly got used to them and learned how to manage them. Thankfully he's already out of the bands, only needed them for 6 weeks maybe, next appointment which already happened (Jan maybe) he didn't need to keep wearing them. 


Oh I forgot to mention during quarantine we did get to get a lot of family bike rides in. We went about everyday that first week. Even though Emma didn't get sick, we could tell she was effected because she would easily get winded and tired on the bike rides. After the first one I had her ride with me and Thomas on my cargo bike. Can't wait to get back to Minnesota and bike all summer to dinner and things. Just not a lot of safe places to bike here. 

Thanksgiving day came time to cook. We didn't do anything crazy, none of us are fans of stuffing ourselves silly and we tend to just cook the food we know we'll eat with minimal left overs because the kids won't eat leftovers. We decided last minute to make Kyle's Grandma's homemade noodles. The girls got to help with it. 

Isaac love cranberry sauce so I made fresh sauce, we had some sweet potatoes with marshmallows, stuffing and a ham. 


Thought this was funny of Harpo so had to snap a pic. He had come up to our room and somehow ended up falling asleep this way. Doesn't look the most comfortable. He's been doing well, we have made the dining room his room, he leaves when we're all in there for dinner, haha - prob too noisy. But we have some old rugs and carpet remnants in there so he doesn't slip around (our whole house is hardwood) He's been having a harder time staying on his feet when he's in a hurry, but every once in a while he finds that youthful spirit and you'd never guess he was such an old man. We've been taking about one mini-trip a month and he goes to the boarding pet resort. He likes it there, or so it seems. He eats well and is super happy to see us when we pick him up. He's actually going there the day after Thanksgiving because we took a little two day trip to west Kansas (next post)

Thanksgiving afternoon we went to our FIRST movie in over two years. I had taken the girls to this same theater in Wichita to see Frozen 2 back in February 2020. The boys hadn't been since Minnesota, actually Thomas maybe never has been. Well I guess we've seen shows on the big screen at Exploration Place. Anyway we were excited to be back in a theater. We saw Clifford the Big Red Dog. It was alright, lol. 

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