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Covid November 2021 Quarantine

 Tuesday, November 9th started off like any other day, kids being crazy before school. Playing, laughing having fun. Thomas and I go to BSF on Tuesdays. While at BSF I get a call that Emma was a close contact and asking permission if she could get tested. I said yes of course. Oh I should also share that Isaac was getting tested daily from a close contact the day before and had been negative. Then I get a call BACK from school that Emma was positive and I needed to come get the kids, UGHH! 

So I picked her up and we began the whole quarantine process that we were family with from over a year ago (Halloween 2020). This time with lots more testing involved. We had a home test and I wanted to make sure Thomas was negative since he was at BSF earlier that day, so he did a test that evening, thankfully negative. 

So the next days we had lots of family time. 

Thursday: Starting making our teacher gifts, homemade soap! No germ spreading here, lol. 

Chicken check in. Grey girls molting, Cinnamon and Sunset are our only layers at this point (first week of November - then they molted and we haven't had an egg since - Feb now) Hopefully they start laying again. 

Bernadette looks pretty silly with her new feathers coming in. 

Thursday night bon fire 6:00pm

Friday night movie night. We tested on this day - official test with the WSU diagnostic center they made it SO easy to test. Just drive up, give them our registered number and BAM results in a couple hours. Isaac, Mary, Me were negative. Emma was positive. 
Oh forgot to mention the next day, Wednesday she did have a mild fever, then that evening she said her sense of smell was gone because she couldn't smell the soap fragrances. But other than that she didn't get any sicker. 

OH THIS is when we watched Filch! The new Tom Hanks movie - I mentioned this in my earlier post, so I think our Tom Hanks kick including Apollo 13 happened after we went to the Cosmosphere. 

November 13th Isaac had his team football pics. While technically quarantined, we had tested the day before and he was negative, we did a home test the morning of just to be super safe and I took him to the field to see his team mates. They hadn't played in a while and they all had fun running around playing again. 


The trees are FINALLY changing here - November 13th oh and this is when we also ran into the library to pick up some movies and started Isaac on a new series called Percy Jackson. I ended up reading them with him. There are 5 of the Percy Jackson books, we are both finished (Kyle is on number 3) and Isaac has moved on to the next series by this author after reading two or three of the in-between. It's fiction based on greek mythology characters so it's been really fun to learn along with Isaac and was the motivation for our Kansas City trip that we took in January (will post that later, hopefully before July ha!)


Nov 14th, kids played lots of baseball outside. Family game after watching A League of Their Own.  

We had a Mancala tournament. 

Made homemade ice cream (Nov 15th) 

Nov 17th I raked up some leaves for the kids to play in. Our lawn guys come on Thursday, not sure they'd be happy with two big piles in our front lawn, lol. But it gave us something to do. This was always fun to do in Minnesota. 

More covid testing. Drive up saliva testing was the way to go. This was Nov 18th a week from Emma's Friday positive. Everyone was negative. At this point we were over it and realized no one else was going to get sick. 

Thomas's preschool teacher was so sweet and dropped off a little goodie bag of crafts for him. It was actually nice because it was going around the school and pretty much half to 75% of Emma's class was quarantined so she was able to learn remotely. The girls each had a call twice a day, Isaac had a few more he was able to join in on. I was very thankful for this option because after Christmas they decided it wasn't worth the effort for the teachers to try and do both in person while streaming to a few remote and they did away with it. But they still got some structure and had homework we worked on. 

Love that my new phone can take photos practically in the DARK! It was almost pitch black in his room, my camera phone grabbed enough light from the little sliver in the black out shade to capture this at nap time. 

While technically not OVER, the next week was Thanksgiving, Emma got to go back on the Monday before while the others had to stay out. Then we had thanksgiving break. Kyle ran a 10 mile race on Saturday Nov 20th before Thanksgiving week - I'll blog about the next in a separate post. 

November 19th we watched Apollo 13 and this is when we realized how special the Cosmopshere actually is! This was in the credits of the movie. 

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