Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Runway Restaurant, Zoo and miscellaneous

I had heard about this restaurant the week prior when I met some ladies from the local Child Life department. We were excited to try it out, a restaurant that sits right on a private runway. It was a WAYS away, literally middle of no where about a half hour to get to. We had to wait about 45 minutes to an hour to get a table. But that was okay because we were able to wait on the patio and watch the planes. 

Finally dinner, everyone was VERY hungry by this point. We could still see the planes a little from our seats inside. 

We made a trip to the zoo (not sure the date, end of April at some point) Went to the farm area. They had NEW baby goats. So adorable!

These were born April 1st:

This one was only a week old: 

S'Mores at home:

Costco trip:

And playing with the marbles at home: 


This was from the girls' teacher at school, some outside learning. 

I started a new job with the YMCA, picking up biometric screener shifts when they need help. We got to corporations and provide a quick health scan taking some blood (finger poke) for glucose and lipid panel, weight, waist, and blood pressure. I had two shifts end of April beginning of May, nothing else scheduled at this point. But they were EARLY mornings. 5:00am start. I was back before time to take the kids to school. 

And some chicken photos! Bernadette is always running up to me, I think she loves the snuggles although acts like she doesn't when I pick her up. She got a trip inside with me.     


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