Friday, May 7, 2021

Easter Weekend

 We had planned to maybe go to another egg hunt on Saturday but Thomas had a fever... or a stomach bug I can't remember which but he was ill so we passed up any out and about activities and stayed home. While Thomas napped we pulled out the activities we had got from the previous weekends Easter egg hunt and made those crafts. 

There was a neighborhood Easter event I shared with our neighbor and she was so sweet to drop off a bag full of filled plastic eggs from them going (she said they had WAY too many and thought we could have our own hunt at home). So Kyle and I hid them, each kiddo had a specific color they were in charge of finding. Turns out our hiding was too hard and they preferred the laying in the middle of the grass style because then got a little frustrated with having to ACTUALLY hunt for the eggs, haha.  

A lone tulip popping up in our yard. 

Digging into the eggs once they were all located.

OH! And since the sun room was so cold during the winter we had taken a break from our puzzle. Thomas was wanting the table back for his trains so I FINALLY finished my Beachbody Summit puzzle. I'm in the middle of this puzzle, lol. This was a drone photo from Summit in Indianapolis a couple years ago. 

Easter baskets:

Easter Sunday I got up early and did a nice long run (well 4.6 miles but the longest I'd done to that point in my half marathon training) we watched church online and the kids colored eggs:

They had all woken early and the girls were in dire need of a nap! Didn't take long for them to snooze off. This was the first nap in a LONG time they'd taken. Especially Emma. 

After nap we hid more eggs and had another hunt in the yard, but this time on the other side of the yard with new hiding places. 

Happy Easter!

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