Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Isaac Baseball and Flag Football

Isaac started baseball with League 42. He had signed up last year but it got cancelled due to covid. All three were signed up last year but the girls didn't want to play this year. They had their first game and Isaac's first time wearing a real uniform! 

It was pretty chilly this night, the sun was nice but the wind was COLD! Me and the girls were freezing. Kyle had attended Thomas's soccer this night then joined us. Once he arrived I took the three kids home, they have a hard time sitting through an hour and a half game. Especially this age group with kid pitch as the innings take FOREVER. This first game the top of the first inning took 30 minutes. Yowza.


I think Isaac was avoiding the camera here, these were taken by someone at the game taking photos. 

Isaac is also playing flag football. He only has Saturday games for this and one practice a week. Not as intense as baseball is

Second baseball game Isaac got to pitch. Turns out he's pretty good for a beginner. Still working on form and the past few games have been a little off. But sure does make these games a little more exciting getting to watch him pitch. First pitch of the night was a strike YAH! He's the only lefty on the team as well so it's nice having a direct line to first as they tend to steal the bases a lot (well there's lots of dropped and missed balls)


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